I am evil

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There are notes to be played beyond hearing.  Notes that are felt instead. Notes that set marrow-deep vibrations in play.

Knowing you are just behind me.
There’s that feeling in my stomach. Not of dread or nervousness about what you’ll find when your hands finally descend to put us skin-on-skin.
I’ve left behind all those insecurities; whether my body will please you, am I good enough, smart enough, just plain enough. They’ve been cast away like the shroud they were, leaving me free.
And that feeling in the pit of my stomach, it’s delicious anticipation because I know your hands, when you deign to touch, won’t commence at middle C. They’ll roam, play all my notes.
You’ll make me your beautiful symphony and we’ll finish in a crescendo that we create á deux.


"Viking Barbie" submitted by tinkerbellandthelostboys

Hi u have nice boobies

L’Instant où Tu Bascules…

Vanessa Lake